BDE Lessons

Evergreen Driving School Provides MTO-approved BDE course.
  • Introductin to BDE Course and Ontario Driver Licensing system
  • Driving behaviours
  • Cooperative driving
  • Minimizing risk / defensive skills
  • Observation and Visual perception
  • Law enforcements and Demerit point System
  • Get acquainted with the vehicle (ie. vehicle instruments)
  • Seat belts, infant and baby car seats and booster cushions
  • Prevention of drinking and driving, and Consequences
  • Dangerous driving
  • Night driving and Driving in bad weather (Winter driving and skid control)
  • Special city conditions
  • Freeway driving
  • Rural driving
  • Road test preparation
  • Road test video analysis
  • Purchasing and Selling cars 101
  • Fuel efficiency and car maintenance
  • Car insurance
  • Collisions and accidents
  • Dealing with accidents

Scarborough Campus Schedule

Richmond Hill Campus Schedule